Ameriscot Commercial offers high-spec flexible working environments at competitive prices with low fixed service charges. We understand that all companies want affordable efficient space to accommodate all their staff under one roof. With our network and negotiation skills we are able to secure landmark buildings at a price that allows us to offer our tenants competitive rates previously unattainable.

The old work model is changing. It is inefficient and outdated. Employee retention saves money and increases productivity. Millenial workers want more flexible, collaborative workplaces. Ameriscot knows the emerging trends and works closely with our tenants to configure their office space to meet the needs of the company and a place their employees enjoy working in.

When choosing our buildings we keep three things in mind: location, price and flexible bright space. Our team works strategically reconditioning and reconfiguring the layouts in order to unlock the potential of older office buildings to create a place people really want to work in. All of our commercial properties maintain the attributes of a contemporary space and are refurbished to provide quality work environments with the flexibility to meet the unique needs of each company and their employees.

In addition to accommodating each company’s corporate work style, we have the ability to maintain low service charges by developing efficient buildings through the latest materials and technology. We are consistent in producing optimal value for both tenants and investors on developments of varying complexities and scale. The longstanding relationship with our trusted team of surveyors, architects, engineers, contractors, commercial lettings agents and security officers ensure the smooth transition of each venture on time and on budget.