A conversation with Keith McGonigle, Senior Consultant, Bruhn NewTech at Warner House, Salisbury

A conversation with Keith McGonigle, Senior Consultant, Bruhn NewTech at Warner House, Salisbury

“Our company was recently taken over by new management who wanted us to relocate to raise our professional appearance and to reflect the company status and ambitions. 

In conjunction with our new parent company based in Copenhagen, we undertook desktop research to look at various possible properties.

We were very pleased to find Warner House which allowed us to stay in the centre of Salisbury.”

Keith McGonigle, Senior Consultant, Bruhn NewTech Ltd.

“Overall, we were disappointed with the quality of small office space in the city.  It tends to be above retail space, cramped and not all on one floor and old fashioned in style.

Warner House offers us the lot; facilities, quality, location, hub space, parking and a lovely courtyard to enjoy in the warmer months.

Endless possibilities.”

Keith McGonigle, Senior Consultant, Bruhn NewTech Ltd

“The priority for Bruhn NewTech was to stay in the city of Salisbury as we have many important clients in the region.  

Warner House offers a great deal of flexibility which we have valued particularly through the past two years.  Our ability to both WFH and from the office has been essential to us and will continue to be very important to our business.  

The range of onsite facilities is difficult to match elsewhere .” 

Keith McGonigle, Senior Consultant, Bruhn NewTech Ltd

Notes from conversation with Ian Sheekey, MD of IS Accountancy, Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors

A conversation with Ian Sheekey, MD of IS Accountancy, Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors at Warner House, Salisbury

Notes from conversation with Ian Sheekey, MD of IS Accountancy, Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors

“Having looked at different options, we quickly realised it had to be Warner House.  For the size of suite we needed, the other choices seemed old fashioned. 

Warner House was a better offer than other Salisbury city centre locations so I went ahead with a viewing and I have to say it didn’t disappoint.  

In the past I have seen small businesses find it difficult to get high quality space.

There were other city centre locations but they were quite traditional and Warner House offers superb space.  I was able to choose from a range of sizes of suites available.

Ian Sheekey, MD IS Accountancy 

“Coming from an established business to start afresh with a desire to set up and work from offices.

We wanted to base ourselves in a lovely place to work.

Like many businesses we now have good systems in place to WFH, so the combo of the quality office space and WFH works well for us.” 

Ian Sheekey, MD IS Accountancy 

“Understanding a client’s business is essential.  Accountancy is far more about people skills than people appreciate.  We believe in a collaborative process with the client team.    

Despite the seismic change in how we work, the benefits of meeting face 2 face can never be underestimated.  We know we get a far better response by meeting IRL.

Warner House offers confidential meeting rooms and hub space.  It’s a great addition to what we have.  I didn’t need to take any extra space in the office as this is available to all tenants on site.” 

Ian Sheekey, MD IS Accountancy 

About IS Accountancy

IS Accountancy is a boutique accountancy firm that handles accounting and financial matters for owner managed businesses with a turnover up to £5 million.  Our main client base is the central southern region of Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire, so it’s been very useful that our established clients can rendezvous at the office safely and conveniently.

What kind of office space should you now be creating?

What kind of office space should you now be creating?

Have we fallen out of love with the office? 

Leading regional commercial property developers Ameriscot review the future of offices. Exploring what office space means to us and how we will occupy offices in the future is on the minds of many senior management and staff right now. 

Ameriscot have seen company priorities for space alter. The office landscape is changing. But not as you initially believe. 

What does the future office actually look like? 

Right now, to continue to create an adapting workforce that can work in a hybrid way is very central to business success. So, there is a flight to quality and flexible working office space.

Evidence from Ameriscot bears this out. In particular, their office scheme, Warner House in the city centre of Salisbury, has plenty of content tenants as the building offers staff space and flexibility to use both the office and WFH in a truly bespoke way.

The space has been remodelled throughout and offers high quality flexible suites with plenty of internal and external break out space, tech capability and room to adapt. What we all crave.

With meticulous care, using the most efficient technology, highest quality materials, stunning architectural design, and superior finishing, Ameriscot are proud of what Warner House has become. And they are very pleased that this office space has become home to so many varied companies, including Bruhn NewTech, IS Accountancy and Rockhopper Research.

At the heart of the Ameriscot way is making it possible and the company have seen a steady increase in enquiries seeking out adaptable offices for this reason. 

Some companies seeking an office closer to their own homes rather than the commute into London have found this an answer to a problem. We need a physical office but not how it used to be. No longer the strained commute into the capital, but a short bike or walk perhaps. The benefits of office life have not diminished.

Ameriscot are making the most of this, helping to turn company dreams of office life into reality by combining high-end refurbishment with high-end service.  Advancing futures for all.

Office Space for Now -v- The Human Factor

What kind of office space should you now be creating? Say hello to the office mashup. 

As property developers, Ameriscot can report that the work force is very much a priority for businesses seeking accommodation. 

A mix of both office and WFH has been found to be the flexible, safe and preferred option for staff and management.

Office space providing the necessary collaborative opportunities yet delivering it with safety for the workforce and visitors. 

The extended stop start of WFH has allowed us all to review what we do actually like about working from the office and what can be done better.

Embrace the change 

Following the quick turnaround from pure office located work patterns, we now embrace a hybrid two location situation with WFH and office bases still playing a role. The physical space that we all know as the office still exists and importantly really matters to staff.

Conveying a physical perception of a brand, reports and surveys suggest that we all want the office. As employee well-being is at the centre of company decision making about workspace. Hybrid working or the office mashup is something we have adapted to and want. 

Employee Well Being is Central

In recent research by the HR resources group, Adecco, hybrid working is here to stay.3 out of every 4 members of staff answered that they would appreciate more flexibility and a mix of office-based and remote working.

Some staff became anxious and isolated. As a result of lockdown, their mental health has been affected through the lack of social connection that can only be improved from an office environment.

In a recent workplace strategy paper by leading commercial agents JLL, human resources were found to be at the centre of creating a harmonious outcome in the office. 

The future of our businesses depends upon it. Listening to staff and creating a collaborative approach as to how the business operates has become central.

Ameriscot have seen this raise aspirations of both the companies and workforce too as businesses unlock the potential of the office in a different way.

Creativity is not a solo activity

Ameriscot have found that companies see that unlocking staff potential is also a vital element of office occupation. 

Creativity and innovation require time and interaction. Upskilling for the future is cojoined to the ongoing success of any business and creativity is not a solo activity. The physical office space is generally considered to be the best place to learn both formally and informally. Older wiser heads providing valuable insight and skills to younger team members.

Time and again research finds that business will need to think the creativity element through carefully. To equip employees for the future business landscape is again an agenda must-have.

So, where do we go from here?

Delivering the office of the future today will require a full understanding of what your business and your team need. You will want to protect and guarantee workplace standards.

At Ameriscot, we always listen to your needs and embrace the flexibility you want. We know you need to keep business life separate from home life. We get that.

If you want to have an initial chat about your current office requirements in Salisbury, call our development director, Bill Parker, on 01202 315110.

About Us

Ameriscot are an independent multi-disciplinary commercial and residential property developer in central southern England, based in Bournemouth.

Principally known as commercial developers, providing wide regional experience, we align ourselves with the very best team we can assemble for the specific task: architects renowned for their creativity and aesthetic, builders, planners, engineers, interior designers and landscapers.

When you pull together the best and give them space to collaborate, you’re going to end up with something pretty special; the coordination and streamlining of that process is down to us: we assemble the team, we incorporate the design elements, create the construction documents, build and finish the project, be it a new build or a remodelling task.

Ameriscot are laser-focused on providing the best for their tenants and owners now and into the future. With high-end value property, to develop or remodel, you need a professional development company with office staff and all the systems in place to be able to manage such a project because it’s in-depth. 

And certainly, when you’ve got more than one or two of these projects, you must be responsive, organized and professional. We handle this with pride.

Ameriscot’s objective is to provide the very best service and advice based upon their considerable experience and knowledge of property.

They have remained at the forefront of the marketplace by continual re-evaluation of the services that they provide and the ability to adapt to the changing market needs. Ameriscot continue to develop and expand their business.

Bournemouth House

We completed the purchase of this former Bournemouth University building at the end of January 2021. Located at the Lansdowne, it is close proximity to the transport hub at Bournemouth Railway Station, has great access to public transport, has nearby retail and food establishments and is only a short walk from the clifftop. We were also attracted by its prominence – it has extensive frontage to the busy Christchurch Road as well as Geris Road as it faces the St Swithun’s Road roundabout. We have on site parking as well as free short stay parking to the front. 

We’ve already obtained change of use to allow a conversion to office space as well as planning to totally modernise the exterior appearance with galls curtain walling. There is also a planning application submitted for 63 flats and ground floor commercial space. We’re on site and the stripout has already commenced!

New Tenants arrive at Salisbury’s Warner House 

We are delighted to welcome our new tenant, Salisbury Chiropractic and Physiotherapy, to the building. They have taken a new lease on a suite overlooking the Millstream. The suite has been fitted out to provide consulting rooms. The practice was established in 1974.

Nigel Hunt and Associates provide treatment for neck and back pain, sports injuries and other joint and muscle problems.


We are delighted to announce that Outpost have taken additional accommodation at Richmond House taking their total occupancy up to 7800 sq ft.

Outpost is a VFX team delivering astonishing visual effects for film, broadcast and commercial. The company houses up to 80 artists, and pride themselves on their flexibility, scalability, talent and a brilliant work culture.

Outpost are thrilled with their location, stating that they are deeply involved in the heart of the industry,  planting their flag in Bournemouth which gives them more time and space to create, as well as access to the exceptional creative education hubs on the south coast.

It is a pleasure to have Outpost located in Richmond House and we look forward to our ongoing business relationship with them.


iSupplyEnergy, our largest tenant in Richmond House, continues to go from strength to strength. It has just signed-up on a further suite of offices, taking its total occupancy to over 19,000 sq ft. The space will be used for internal training and meeting rooms.

iSupplyEnergy supplies 100% renewable electricity to UK households. It’s owned by Swedish power company Vattenfall, one of Europe’s largest retailers of electricity and gas, as well as one of the biggest producers of electricity and heat.


Rapidly-growing national oil and fuel distributor WP Group has moved its head office operation from Hythe to Grosvenor House. The company has taken a 10-year-lease of 5413 sq ft on the second floor.

WP Group is a leader in the supply of fuel and Mobil lubrication solutions to customers in the aviation, agricultural, automotive, motorsport, marine and commercial sectors, and for domestic and commercial heating. It is recognised among Britain’s top-tier mid-market growing businesses with inclusion in the Sunday Times Grant Thornton Top Track 250.

David Fairchild, Managing Director, WP Group, said: “This is a strategic move as WP Group continues to grow as a major employer in the South. The facilities at Grosvenor House provide our staff with a superb working environment and good access to the motorway and public transport. This move will be of huge benefit to existing staff, and to our ongoing recruitment.”

Suites are available in the building from 2357 sq ft.

Contact Bill Parker on 01202 315110.


Ameriscot Commercial have launched their new office show suites at Warner House in Salisbury City Centre. Prominently located on one of the main roads into the City and only 10 minutes from the main shops and railway station, the impressive modern office building boasts four floors with 20 suites. It offers high quality open plan office accommodation with a café and courtyard garden next to the Mill Stream.

Matthew Dean, Leader of Salisbury City Council commented “We are thrilled to have this new office space in our City. Ameriscot have done a great job and we look forward to Warner House becoming a real business hub where they can work together in a creative and cooperative space to the benefit of all.”

The building boasts a spectacular entrance and reception with a fully serviced cafe. With a spacious feel and a magnificent interior, it makes an ideal environment for meeting clients or simply to use as a break-out area.

The accommodation is to let on a floor by floor basis as well as individual smaller suites. Suites start from 479 sq ft but large space users can also be accommodated. The office space features include new LED lighting, new air conditioning, floor trunking for power/data and high quality new WC’s. The offices are arranged around a central courtyard which will be completely re-landscaped.

If you are interested in a suite at Warner House, please contact Dean Speer at Middleton & Major on 01722 337577.